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Best-Abs-Exercises.com is a website committed to providing only the best, most recent and evidence-based information on abs training, exercises, nutrition, workouts and everything about abs.


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Our Goal

We want to be your number one place to go when it comes to training abs and everything abs.

We try and simplify our articles and programs to make them easy to understand for anyone, no matter your level of experience.


Whether you’re a scientist, a coach or a complete novice looking for some help you should get what you're after here.

We want to create a simple, easy to use, yet informative hub of abs content.

Who's Behind Best-Abs-Exercises.com

We are a group of experts and enthusiasts trying to better our community.

We’re happy to share about how we create our content that’s accurate, easy to read and up-to-date.

Finding fitness information is easy. But finding trustworthy, accurate, up-to-date information is hard, we are on a mission to change that.


All of the content written on here is written by experts, for example, our training articles are written by someone with training expertise.


Once our articles are drafted, they are quality checked, these checks include; spelling and grammar, research and referencing and then when we are sure of their quality, they are reviewed and validated by another expert.


We update and re-validate articles regularly.

Our Sources And Citations 


We have strict sourcing and citation guidelines and we only rely on the best information we can find.

Every article we write is thoroughly researched, and sources are cited to ensure that they are recent and authoritative.


Our sources, studies and scientific references and statistics, are oftentimes linked within each article.