5 Best Push Up Boards You Can Get On Amazon [Top 5]

I have a confession.

I can’t do a push up to save my life. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. I’ve given up.

But I’m not the only one. Pushups are one of the most difficult exercises, and there are a lot of people who can’t do them.

So what’s a pushup-challenged person to do? The answer is to get a push up board.

I’ve done the research, I've tried many different brands of push up boards, I've reviewed them and found the top five best push up boards for sale on Amazon.

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5 best push up boards

What Is A Push Up Board?

The push up board is an essential piece of equipment for any serious athlete.

These are the types of people who’ve gotten buff by doing push ups for years. Some people use these boards to train.

Others use them to challenge themselves in order to improve their upper body strength.

Whatever your preferred exercise, a push up board will provide you with an effective way to improve your performance.

Why do people use push up boards?

Push up boards are great for increasing the challenge of your training routine. They allow you to focus on form, without worrying about balancing on one leg or your hand.

They also allow you to train more intensely.

Why Should You Get A Push Up board?

Why am I the lucky person who gets to review these bad boys?

Well, because I believe you should get one if you’re even remotely looking to improve your pushup game.

These aren’t toys. They aren’t things that you should buy for relaxation.

These push up boards are designed to get you as close to perfect pushups as possible, and it will require some dedicated time to perfect them.

But in the meantime, they’re a fun and relatively inexpensive way to improve your physical capabilities, and might even help you fall in love with exercise.

The 5 Best Push Up Boards You Can Buy On Amazon

Below are five of the best push up boards you can get on Amazon.

  1. NEWEST Portable Board

  2. ACTIVATE 12 in 1 Board

  3. SONGMICS 14 in 1 Board

  4. GLKEBY Foldable Board

  5. WISEEK 20 in 1 Board

The push-up is one of the most common exercises in the world, and yet it’s also one of the most difficult to do correctly.

People often don’t realize that their form is off, so they continue to do push-ups incorrectly, which can lead to injuries and poor results.

The push up board is a portable training tool that helps you improve your push up form.

It allows you to practice proper alignment during your workouts so that you can build muscle and strength without risking injury.

1) NEWEST Portable Push Up Board

NEWEST brand portable push up board

The NEWEST brand portable push up board is a great choice.

It has over 520 reviews at the time of writing, with an 81% 4 and 5-star rating.

NEWEST brand push up board features


  • Collapsible & Portable

  • Professional Training Program Included

  • Silicone Anti-Slip Handgrip

  • 12 in 1

  • Double Lock


Below are some reviews taken from their Amazon page.


"Perfect, that's what I expected from this product. I removed 1 star for handles that would need more cushioning. So I put on gloves." by Yannick C. (translated)


"Its great! It comes with a drawstring bag so I take it to work. Every hour I do 10 press ups of each muscle group during my night shift, and I can feel progress." - by Shaun Kelly.

2) ACTIVATE 12 in 1 Push Up Board

ACTIVATE 12 in 1 Push Up Board

The ACTIVATE 12 in 1 push up board is another great choice.

Boasting 100% 4 and 5-star ratings!

ACTIVATE 12 in 1 Push Up Board features


  • Colour coding for muscle targeting

  • Premium cushioned silicone non-slip hand grips for comfort

  • Snap fit design for easy positional changes

  • Non slip base

  • Portable, lightweight, foldable and easy to store


Below are some reviews of ACTIVATEs push up board.


"Easy to set up and use, it's really sturdy and come with extra accessories such as skipping rope and resistance bands, it's great for a variety of exercises." - by Lloyd Latibeaudlere.


"Very good product." - by Gavin Brass.

3) SONGMICS 14-in-1 Push Up Board

SONGMICS 14-in-1 Push Up Board

SONGMICS 14-in-1 push up board is also a brilliant product.

Similarly to the other products on this list, it has very high reviews with an average of 4.5-stars.

Over 88% of people leave a 4 or 5-star review.

SONGMICS 14-in-1 Push Up Board features


  • 14 in 1 with 14 different positions

  • Strong and durable materials

  • Sturdy and supporting allowing you to get on with your workout

  • Portable and lightweight so you can workout anywhere


Below are some of the 4 and 5-star reviews taken from SONGMICS product page.


"Sturdy with clear guides. Works fine on my carpet without having to use the sticky pads. I'm sure this will massively improve my upper body strength. Now, if only I could get motivated to actually use it. I hate press ups but the board is much easier to use than having your hands flat on the floor." - by Moosey.


"Good solid product, easy to assemble and portable. Sturdy and comes with rubber disks on the underside so it then becomes non slip. Took a while to get used to the different press up positions but already seeing results in upper arms and shoulders. Almost identical to the more expensive brands and does the same job so why wouldn't you?" - by Anonymous.

4) GLKEBY Foldable Push Up Board

GLKEBY Push Up Board

The GLKEBY push up board is another excellent choice of push up board.

With over 87% 4 and 5-star ratings and over 2,335 reviews at the time of writing, it is a very popular choice.

At thew time of writing it also has an "Amazon's Choice" label.

GLKEBY Push Up Board features


  • Colour coded for multiple positions and muscle activation

  • Non-slip rubber handles

  • Foldable design for maximum portability


Below are some examples of customer reviews taken from verified Amazon purchases.


"Good quality product. Hand grips have a soft non-slip feel that inspires confidence. Adequaltely strong build. Handles plug into plastic base board in a solid fashion - this does mean that they require effort to remove when looking to shift their position on the board, but that's a relatively minor issue." - by Dr M.


"Really cool little device, really like how the anti - slip pads come separately so u can choose. Downside is the handles are a bit uncomfortable if your a bit heavier (I’m 15 stone), wouldn’t hurt to make it more padded instead of plastic but I get it." - by Dylan.

5) WISEEK 20 in 1 Push Up Board

Wiseek Push Up Board

WISEEK 20 in 1 push up board has over 84% 4 and 5-star reviews.

The average review is 4.3-stars.


  • Includes resistance bands anchor points

  • Unique and foldable design

  • Portable and durable

  • Anti slip handles and feet


Below are some reviews of verified purchases.


"Very good product. Already noticing a difference after a couple of weeks, would highly recommend!" - by Brian.


The push up is one of the most effective and efficient exercises you can do, but it’s also one of the most difficult to master.

It takes a lot of practice and dedication to be able to do a perfect push up.

The push up board is a portable workout tool that allows anyone to perform push ups with ease.

These five push up boards are among the best you can buy.

Read our detailed push up board review.

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